Chess Memberships

If I only had $100 to spend on chess improvement each year, I would buy a diamond membership. Honestly, for the money you cannot beat it. The rated tactics trainer, chess mentor, and thousands of videos make it the best resource out there


United States Chess Federation

A USCF membership is a sign of a serious chess player. It comes with a subscription to Chess Life magazine and it allows your child to earn, and work on, a chess rating that will stay with them for the rest of their life.


Chess Supplies

Wholesale Chess

This is my one stop shop for chess supplies and has been ever since I started Elite Chess. They have free shipping on orders over $60, great pricing when ordering in bulk, and their Thursday Chess Deals are ridiculously low priced.
When it comes to chess books, Amazon is still number one. They deliver next day and have prices that are hard to beat. The only other tip I have is to search the internet for "shopworn" chess books. These are books that have very slight marks on the cover and you can often get them for 50%-75% off. Everytime I have ordered a shopworn chess book, it has come looking brand new.