Our mission

Our mission here at Elite Chess is to use chess to change the world.

Imagine using lessons in chess to teach lessons in life. Imagine using chess to inspire greatness in young minds. Imagine college scholarships for chess equalling college scholarships for athletics. Imagine how one game could be used to change a community.

How are we going to do it?
First, we are going to run Elite Chess Camps that teach chess better than anyone else. We are going to use chess to bring the best out of every child. We are going to teach the right way to win, the right way to lose, and the importance of helping one another.

Next we are going to spread our chess products all over the country. We are tired of boring chess shirts, sets, and bags. Chess is an elite game, it's time to start showing it. We are going to use our product sales to develop a college chess scholarship that will be given to a student in the Western Suburbs.

Lastly, we are going to run Elite Chess Seminars and Tournaments that have the most players, best instruction, and largest trophies of any chess events you have ever seen. And every so often we will take the proceeds from these events and donate them to charity.

It will not take long before Elite Chess starts changing the world.